Sparring Partner
and Interim Manager

Consulting Focus

  • HR and organizational development manager for small to medium businesses
  • Sparring partner to executives and members of the board
  • Special project development and interim management

Consultant „goes operational“

In the role of interim manager or sparring partner I go above and beyond “pure consulting”. I get down to business, I go into detail. Organizations can in-source me to the extent to which they need me. As a „semi internal manager“ I work within the organization and hold additional responsibilities (as compared to pure consultancy) – decision making responsibilities in general.

Executives value this way of work, as

  • I can competently slot into the top management
  • I understand their point of view and problems
  • I am versatile and open up different viewpoints
  • I find solutions which work for them
  • I stay down-to-earth in decision making
  • People find it easy to talk with me
  • I am sworn to secrecy. This is a matter of trust.

”Rent an HR Developer“ – for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

In smaller organizations it is not feasible to have a full time HR or organizational development manager. However, each organization needs someone to align and develop the organization and its people strategically. Thus, the executive director of a small or medium sized business might find him/herself in the role of facilitator of internal workshops – a role which might not always be appropriate.
I solve the double bind: the organization can hire me as HR and organizational development manager with a limited time budget. In return it gets the know-how and qualified expertise, which normally only large corporations can afford. I am available to employees and management on a regular basis, to build up and manage the HR and organizational development process. The customer has absolute certainty that I strive for a close and long term partnership.

Sparring Partner – to Managing Directors of Medium Sized Organizations

Decision making as a managing director can be a lonely business. However, experience shows that reflecting on decisions, weighing various options and discussing risk and opportunities builds sustainable and lasting decisions. If a counterpart is missing in the organization – whatever the reason – I am an experienced, tried-and-tested sparring partner. I assist executives as they work through a strategic or structural change, identify risks and inconsistencies and generate next steps. If required I also translate abstract decisions into operational goals and tangible actions so that management and employees can implement these decisions.

Interim Management – for Large Businesses

When there is a shortfall in board members’ resources for monitoring and promoting another complex strategic project I can assist as an interim manager, e.g. for a large scale IT implementation. The focus of my consultancy is to speed up major decisions. I identify unrealistic demands or project blockages and see to it that they are solved accordingly. I take on the sandwich position between hierarchies or business units knowingly. I am both buffer and translator. I break down visions and decisions of the board into goals and actions for employees. I lobby in the opposite direction when the detailed view of employees on operations or of customers’ problems is missing in top management. I use my consultancy training accordingly: acting like an internal agent on the one hand, I keep my professional distance on the other hand. Due to my personality I can work with people from all walks of life and hierarchies, adapt to the organization quickly, grasp their needs and react accordingly.