Consulting Focus

  • Help human resource managers and executives to develop a strategic human resource (HR) and organizational development process
  • Leadership and management programs
  • Nuture Talent  
  • Management culture
  • Local and international teams


It is a wise investment to cultivate a well qualified management and to develop the right management prospects for the business. I assist executives and HR managers in building a strategic HR and organizational development process. The starting point has always been the same: based on a sound organizational diagnosis, I select, design and follow up on those HR development steps which are the best fit for facilitating the corporate strategy.  The implementation of the program is coupled with transparent, internal communication and placed in the overall context of the organization.

Two findings are clear to me:

  1. I prefer fewer fine-tuned programs, which create an impact rather than implementing “just another HR tool”
  2. Implementing a new HR program is sooner said than done. It needs to be anchored in the organization and communicated accordingly. Interventions - like a large scale event, for example, - are necessary to create commitment and understanding throughout the organization. 

Development Programs

Development means program to me. To build and consolidate management and leadership competencies is a process; it means learning and practicing in between trainings. To be precise - development! For this reason I design modular executive programs – and not one-off trainings.
I attach great importance to on the spot learning and the transfer of what’s learned in training to day-to-day business. No two executive training programs are the same but each is tailored to the needs of the participants. The final adjustments will be made at the session according to participants’ learning needs. Particular attention is given to the steps which make the difference between a single training event and a program:  kick-off events, fireside chats with top-executives or steering committee meetings are such means. I also focus on building a wide knowledge base: for example, by providing workshops for the superiors of the participants so that they are also updated on current management knowledge. 


Personally I have learned, worked and lived internationally. Therefore I work with, and train many international teams; many are members of CEE/SEE countries. I promote a management and leadership style which cultivates a fine grasp of culture and establishes understanding beyond national frontiers. 

In Training

When I provide training, the participants and I are totally immersed in the development experience. I like to use training measures which are themselves developed and proven through strategic consulting processes or HR program development. First of all: the “born leader” does not exist. Good leadership and management requires constant work. It needs developing of one’s self, working to understand of one’s role; working on management style, which needs to be adapted to current and new situations. In training programs, I practice just that with the executives. In role plays we put ourselves in day-to-day management and leadership situations, to develop management tools and to reflect. Thus participants internalize their learning so they always have it to hand when they need it. A core component of the training programs is work on case studies of participants and their organization. Thus transfer to day to day management is guaranteed.