Change Management:
Strategy, Structure and Culture

Consulting Focus

  • Change architectures, design and facilitation of change projects
  • Implementing strategies and structures with key people of the organization
  • Aligning management teams to new systems, roles and responsibilities
  • Change and IT: bridging the link between needs of business operations and IT needs
  • Coach and sparring partner for executives in times of change

My Approach to Consulting

Keep an Eye on the Big Picture

It’s natural for me to do so: I look beyond detail and view the wider picture of each engagement. While facts and figures of the organization build the base I do not lose focus on the overall view and I listen carefully to nuances. Relationship dynamics of organizations work in multiple ways. Organizational views – especially in times of change – might be contradictory.  You cannot make everybody happy all the time, however, there is always a basis for a good solution.

Apply Occam’s Razor

To view the big picture and grasp the essence: that is my competence. My customers are interested in developing the key issues and in knowing the risks and conflicts involved.  Thus, the next step becomes obvious. And it might be a small step which provides a big leverage.

Classic or Systemic Approach: Hands-on

Before becoming a consultant I was an executive.  I experienced change and led through change. From this practical knowledge, and from my years of consulting practice, I recognize that I am not someone who hides in the background and just asks questions. Of course, asking the right question at the right time is a highly effective leadership tool. But I also share my expertise, join the discussion and add a healthy dose of reality. I share my thinking and I mean what I say. My customers appreciate that.

Informed Decisions

I tailor each project to the client’s needs. As a professional facilitator I unblock those tendencies which might hinder management’s capacity to work as a team.   As an external consultant I ask questions internal management may not or cannot ask on their own – the often vital process of rethinking issues, which are taken for granted or are even untouchable is thus made possible. I help management to “sweat the detail” through the decision process. The executives who will implement the changes in strategy or structure will take the final decision. At the end of the consulting process they will do so with a firm conviction and a quiet conscience.